Wednesday, 28 September 2016


On the 4th July I traveled to Gricigliano near Florence to be present at the week of Ordinations for the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest. 

On Monday we witnessed thirteen young men receive the cassock at the hands of Mgr Wach, Prior General of the Institute.

On Tuesday at the hands of His Excellency Mgr Meini, Bishop of Fiesole in the church of San Michele e Gaetano in central Florence we saw saw the reception of Tonsure and the minor orders of Porter, Lector, Excorsist and Acolyte.   In the early evening in the chapel of the seminary at Gricigliano those to be ordained deacons and priests received the Cross of St Francis de Sales and the Choir Habit.  Also at this Mass we witnessed Fr Philip Thomas become an affiliate member of the Institute as well as several lay people be enrolled into the Society of the Sacred Heart.

On Wednesday morning we gathered for the ordinations to the sub diaconate at the hands of His Excellency Mgr Finn, Emeritus Bishop of Kansas City.

On Thursday morning we gathered once again at the church of San Michele e Gaetano for the ordinations to the Sacred Priesthood at the hands of His Eminence Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke. This year we rejoice and give thanks to God for eleven new priests of the Institute.

After the ordinations we all repaired to the seminary once again to receive the First Blessings of the newly ordained priests and to gather in the chapel for Solemn Benediction and singing of the Te Deum in thanksgiving.  This was followed by a celebratory meal and a firework display.

Below are some photos which I hope capture the joyful spirit of the week and of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest.

Processing for the subdiaconate ordinations

Canons of the Institute leaving church post ordinations

The newly ordained deacons and subdeacons

The deacons process to their priestly ordinations

His Eminence Cardinal Burke processes into the church 

His Eminence blesses all with Holy Water
before entering the church

Some clergy who attended in choir
After the Ordination Mass His Eminence blesses the faithful
Mgr Wach leaving the church in procession
Group photo with the newly ordained priests
Some of the New Priests in Procession

The newly ordained Canon Pinoteau gives his First Blessings
Likewise with the other newly ordained priests

The newly affiliated Fr Philip Thomas, Rector of Wells
New Members of the Society of the Sacred Heart
 for the laity
Mgr Wach with Affiliate Priests and
Sacred Heart Society Members
Taking off or Putting on????

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