Friday, 17 July 2009


Mass is celebrated every Friday at St Marie's beginning at 7:30pm according to the more ancient use of the Roman Rite - The Usus Antiquior. This is more commonly know as the Tridentine Rite or more simply 'Latin Mass.'
Anyone and everyone is most wlecome to this celebration of this form of the Roman Rite.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009


The more perceptive readers of this blog will notice a slight change in title. The blog is now called Mary and Joseph's Gem - musings from the parish of St Marie and St Joseph, Bury. This reflects the reality of the parishes in this part of Bury. We are now a twin church parish!!!


Are various times in our lives we Catholics are asked to produce a Certificate of Baptism. Many people are unaware how to go about this. I am grateaful to Father Timothy Finnegan of The Hermeneutic of Continuity Blog for the following helpful information.
Every parish keeps a permanent register of Baptisms. This is one of the most important things that the parish possesses. If things are done properly, your confirmation should also be recorded and also your marriage (or religious profession, or ordination.)
A "Baptism Certificate" is a copy of the entry that is made in the Baptismal register. If you are getting married, you need to supply a recent baptismal certificate (within six months of the wedding) which will then also record that there are "no other entries" (i.e. no previous marriage recorded) and that you are "free to marry". It is also OK to ask for a Baptismal certificate if you just want to know when your baptism was.
If you want to get a certificate of Baptism, send a letter addressed to the parish priest of the parish where you were baptised. Give your full name (as it was at the time of your baptism if your name has subsequently changed.) Give your date of birth and roughly when the Baptism took place. If you were baptised as a baby it is sufficient to say this but if you were baptised at three or four years old, it will help the parish priest if you tell him this; and enclose a stamped addressed envelope just to make things a little easier!


This week we welcome Fr. Marcin to our twin churched parish. Father is a priest of the Archdiocese of Warsaw. He will be staying with us until the 5th August. I know that you will make him welcome.


I realise that it has been sometime since I updated the blog. Since I took over the pastoral care of St Joseph's Parish things have got kinda busy...

Here is a brief summary of events over the last few weeks.

On sunday 14th June we celebrated the First Holy Communion Mass for the children in the St Joseph area of our parish. The church was full to overflowing not only with the children but also their parents, relations and friends. Here I would like to record my thanks to the staff of our school who have worked so hard throughout the year to prepare our children for their special day. I felt so guilty stepping in at the last minute just to celebrate the Mass and appear on the photos when all the hard work had been done.
On Tuesday 23rd June I celebrated Mass in French at Holy Cross College. It was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate Mass for the first time in the College. My thanks go to Mr Daveth Frost, the Principal for his kind invitation and all his efforts in preparing texts for the Mass.
On Sunday 28th June (Solemnity of Ss Peter and Paul transferred) we celebrated First Holy Communion for the children of the St Marie area of our parish. Again the church was full to capacity with the children, their families and friends. My thanks go once again to all who helped make it a joyful celebration.
On Sunday 5th July the children from St Marie's who made their First Holy Communion the previous week were presented with their certificates for Confirmation and First Holy Commuion. After the Mass the children went into the parish centre for a party. All the children had a very enjoyable time.
As we come to the end of the academic year Masses for the school leavers were celebrated on Wednesday 8th July for St Joseph's and 13th July for St. Marie's. We wish all our year six children every blessing for the future.