Saturday, 28 March 2009

Where Have All The Statues Gone?

Firstly, be reassured I have NOT got ride of the statues of Our Lady and the Sacred Heart. They have been sent away to be professionally re-painted by E. Carrera - a Liverpool firm that specialises in this kind of work.

Unfortunately the statues have been 'attacked' by gloss paint and then painted over with a varnish that yellows with age. The result is statues that are neither edifying or devotional. The picture in this post show the Sacred Heart Statue prior to re-painting.

This repainting work does not come free...They will cost approx £500 each. If you would like to make a donation to this work then please make cheques to St Marie's Parish and sed them to:

Fr. Francis Wadsworth
St Marie's Presbytery,
Manchester Road,
BL9 oDR.

Alternatively donations can be handed to Father Francis at Sunday Mass.

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