Monday, 26 May 2014


Scaffolding Tower at St Marie's
The building and renovation works continue in both churches.  At St Marie's the work is not as disruptive as it is at St Joseph's.  The electricians continue to work on the re-wiring of the church.  They can, thankfully for the most part work from a scaffold tower that is moved around the church as needed.
Over at St Joseph's the work is more disruptive and messy.  Scaffolding was first erected in the side chapels so that work on the roof could begin.  Unfortunately when parts of the roof were exposed the problem was bigger than first thought and scaffolding had to be erected over the main sanctuary area

The main altar with scaffolding
 Even with the building work going on the life of the parish has to continue as best we can under the circumstances.  For baptisms a temporary font has be arranged outside the sanctuary area.  It is still possible to celebrate Mass at the High Altar but you have to be careful in swinging the thurible around the scaffolding poles.

The improvised font for baptisms

Maybe the time has come to invest in a different style of biretta!!!

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