Monday, 21 July 2014


As you know Pope John XXII and Pope John Paul II were canonised in Rome on Divine Mercy Sunday this year.  We give thanks to God that the Church has seen fit to raise these holy men to the altar and bestow on them the dignity of Sainthood.
Here at St Marie's we have been granted a First Class Relic of St John Paul II.  The relic is a small piece of cloth soaked in his blood.  
We are currently looking for a suitable reliquary so that the relic may be used in public veneration.  If anyone would like to make a donation towards this then please contact the Parish Priest at St Marie's.
Meanwhile we have created a little shrine to St John Paul II at the back of St Marie's Church.
The Relic of St John Paul II

The Shrine of St John Paul II at St Marie's Church

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