Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Many of our parishioners will remember Father Alosza Micinski  a missionary priest that we support by our prayers and financial contributions to his Mission in Kazakhstan.
Over the last few months Father has suffered a lot with his health and has spent a good part of the time since August in hospital.  The root cause of his problem has still yet to be identified and it at the present moment his situation is very bleak.
His latest text message gives you a little feel for the situation.
'For me, each day now brings something new.  I will probably have to cancel my stay in the sanatorium, where I am a of yesterday, because I have been referred to a surgeon by a doctor.  I'll know if that is the case on Thursday,  The reason is quite a large and very painful lump that has appeared on my back.  Probably purulent.  Medics are concerned that it results in a blood infection.' 
Please do keep Father Alosza in your prayers at this difficult and worrying time.  He does hope to come and visit us in December, but that visit is very much determined by his health.

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