Monday, 24 November 2008


After three attempts to find our parish primary school I finally made it!!! I have spent the whole day there today meeting with the staff and pupils. I must say from the outset what a tremendous welcome I received from Mrs Robinson our headteacher and her dedicated staff. St Marie's is a school that we can be proud of and I am delighted to be able ot serve at its chaplain.
The morning was taken up with visiting all the classes. Well that was my aim but I spent longer in some classes than in others and as a result didn't get round the whole school. That just means I will have to devote anothe day to our school, which I am more than happy to do.
In the afternoon I accompanied the French teacher around the school helping out in the classes. I don't know who was the more surprised, the children or the teacher when I began speaking French upon entering the class!!! Two boys who were speaking Polish were even more surprised when I leaned over and said 'teraz po angielsku, prosze' - Now in English please!!!
Advance notice is given that the children from our Primary School will be attending the 9:15am Mass in church to mark the end of term. I look forward to welcoming them.


Anonymous said...

Great to see your new blog up and running, and that you're settling into your new parish well. I hope that things work out well for you there Father, and that God gives you great success and many blessings,

With Prayers,


Anonymous said...

Nice blog, I wish you all the best at your new parish.

God Bless

John L

Jim Hyndman said...

Thank you for making the time and effort,in your first days as a new Parish Priest, to establish a link with the parish school.
You made a great impression on our staff and children, and we look forward to seeing you as often as your many commitments will allow.
Good luck and God bless in this new and challenging role. We look forward to working with you.