Sunday, 27 September 2009


Saturday was a busy day!!!
After celebrating the Morning Mass , hearing Confessions and then giving Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament I grabbed a quick lunch beofre going off to do two funeral visits. From these I returned to the presbytery to finish off my homily and get ready for evening Mass at St Joseph's.
After even Mass I had a meeting with the lady who looks after the accounts before coming back to St Marie's to see another family about a funeral.
After that I took myself to the Cathedral to pay repsects to the Relics of St Teresa of Lisieux at the Cathedral. I spent three and half hours hearing confessions. St Teresa's phrase ''I will spend my heaven doing good on earth'' is certainly true. Many souls recieved the mercy and forgiveness of God that night. God be praised.
However all the graces I gained were lost when I left the cathedral just after midnight to return to Bury to find some ruffians (those less charitable than myself may have a different name for them) had smashed two windows in my car.
Thankfully I was able to drive back to Bury (cold!!!) and then had the job of finding someone to replace the glass. I eventually got a temporary repair done and got to bed at 4:00am

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