Friday, 4 September 2009


Last week I had a meeting with Mt Joseph Burke, the architect appointed by the Board of Administration of the Diocese to draw up plans for the re-ordering of the sanctuary at St. Marie's church.

An initial proposal has already been sent to the Bishop and he has visited the church to discuss that proposal further with me. We have now moved onto the next stage and detailed plans have to be drawn up for submission to the Board of Administration and later the Historical Churches Group as St Marie's is a listed building.

At this stage the plans are as follows:

1) Move the present altar back to its original position on the east wall and re-locate the tabernacle from the side altar on it.

2) Create a new, smaller altar on the same level as the present one but move it back some six foot to enable dignified celebrations 'versus populum'

3) Create a Sacred Heart Chapel where the Blessed Sacrament currently is by bringing the statue from the back of church.

These plans are in no wy finalised and will need the permission of the Bishop and the Historical Churches Group before any changes can be made.

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