Saturday, 16 January 2010



Alison said...

This is exactly how I feel about the Vatican II form, although I think it may be unfair to say that Vatican II has promulgated and encouraged this quite true depiction of what is in certain parishes going on. Rather some of its followers and interpreters are undoubtedly to blame for its now "old -fashioned" perception and it has become pityfully jaded in its dated out -look- always the problem with contemporising the form of Mass. I am wary equally of those who 'try - out' Latin Mass, as a novel idea and gradually filter away, or those who come on behalf of a relative (which on the surface seems a nice thing to do) but do not attend on any other occasion hereafter, as if satisfying merely a duty and themsleves in the process. This I perceive to be a selfish thing to do. I came across this recently when an associate accompanied me but have heard nothing since on the matter - shame! and I do not associate with this rather mocking and insincere behaviour. I have come across this phenomena before and it never ceases to bewilder my better nature. So......let the extra-ordinary form thrive, and thrive it will as it is a timeless monument to our Lord. The Tridentine Mass is understood across the world - the beauty of our Universal faith.....tambourine bashing and guitar strumming....well only to those of blinkered vision and insular mentality...again pity comes to the fore. In these Masses personality cult behaviour has taken over the Grace that God freely gives, and empowerment to those giving it illustrates a humanistic approach not in keeping with our faith at all. I will not be swayed -let the extraordinary form thrive!

In Domine

Max. said...

I think I prefer the "Old Fashioned" 70's style. :P