Sunday, 7 March 2010

Dziękuję Bardzo - Thank You Very Much

Deacon Alosza has written a few words of thanks for the wonderful welcome you gave him last weekend and for your financial help. He writes:
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
My time in England has drawn to a close. It is been a wonderful present from God and one I shall treasure nor ever forget.
England has been an eye opener for me. I've seen so much wealth all around me, but mostly kindess, love, openess, understanding and compassion shown to me has made me very humble.
I return to Poland to my daily tasks, getting ready for and finalizing my return home to Kazachstan. As I write my final words to you, again I'm overwhlemed by your kindess, by your words of prayer and wishes and by your financial help. I thank you from my heart.
I think everyone of us now and then has had periods of hard and troublesome times so I have taken it upon myself to pray for you before God and ask him to care for you, your families, keep you safe and draw you closer to Him.
I shall say my First Mass for your intentions to pray for all your living and dead.
I also wish to thank Father Francis for his kindness, his understanding and his sense of humour, some was lost in translation, but still amusing non the less.
So I shall end now. All I ask is please pray for me, that I may serve God to the best of my ability, that I shall not fear the darkness that has befallen Kazachstan, and serve my people in these troubled times.
May God bless you all
Deacon Alosza Micinski

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