Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Homily for the First Mass of Fr. Alosza Micinski
Given at St Marie’s Church, Bury, England

[At our Mass we united ourselves in prayer with Father Alosza as he begins his priestly ministry. As I preached this homily we imagined that Father was here with us once again in Bury].

There is a story told of a Bishop preaching at the Ordination of a Priest. The Bishop said that when a man is first ordained to the priesthood he should immediately be given the title Monsignor and dressed in a purple cassock, with purple buttons and purple sash.

Then after about 5 years as a Monsignor he should be given the title Canon and dressed in a black cassock but still retaining the purple buttons but exchanging his purple sash for a black one.

Then after a he’s been ordained about 20 or 30 years he could be appointed a Parish Priest. With this appointment he wears a simple black cassock, black buttons and black sash. Then and only then when he has taken a few knocks, his faith has been tested, the square corners have been rounded down… then and only then could he possibly claim the title Father. According to that Bishop’s homily I reckon I’m still at the Monsignor stage with the purple cassock!!!

To-day we united ourselves with the Marian Fathers and the people of Kazakhstan in giving thanks to God for the ordination of our new priest Fr. Alosza Micinski.
If you were anything like me, Father, when you woke up the day after your ordination the thought may have surprised you at first. Because our new priest, Father Alosza, must now say to-day and everyday ‘I am a priest’ For the priesthood is not a job we get (though priests will never be short of jobs), it is not a profession we qualify for – a priest is simply what you are – what God has called and made you to be. From the moment Archbishop Lengi laid hands on Alosza in the Cathedral Church of his home town in Karaganda – that’s something that can never be doubted. My dearest brother Alosza, you have been called, chosen and anointed to be a priest. Nothing more and nothing less.

It is appropriate that we remember and join in prayer today for our new priest, Fr Alosza on what is normally the Feast of St Anthony of Padua, that great Franciscan preacher. For the priest by his preaching is to help people find their lost treasure, to find what they are searching for in their lives. The priest is called to lead people to Christ – the only treasure – the pearl beyond all price. That is this our task, dear brother.

Alosza, the Lord sees clearly to-day what he calls you to be – in all your living, all your praying, all your suffering, all your loving – to be a priest: nothing more and nothing less.

St John Vianney, said that the priest will not fully understand the greatness of his office till he is in Heaven. If he understood it on earth, he would die, not of fear, but of love.

My dear Alosza, so great is our calling but like the apostles in whose footsteps we erringly follow we are weak men – all of us – and so I commend you to the protection of Her in whom sin never formed, never diverted – Our Lady – the Immaculate Conception whom the Polish Nation has always cherished.

May she help you through her prayers to become – humbly and faithfully – all that you Alosza Micinski, have been called to be. A priest of her Son - nothing more and nothing less.

Niech bezdie pochalowny Jezus Chrystus

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