Sunday, 24 October 2010


For most people the holiday season take place in the months of June, July and August. For priests this can be a difficult time to get away as there are usually a few weddings in the parist and the drawing to a clsoe of the Sacramental Programme. This is also linked with the availability of a supply priest to look after the parish whilst you get away.

With all this in mind I was finallable to take my holiday at the beginning of October. I am most greatful to Mgr. Teodor Poloczek of the Archdiocese of Katowice who was able to supplt for me during that time.

The Holiday began after the last Mass on 3rd October when I left the parish in the nands of Mgr Poloczek and headed south to stay overnight with my travelling companion, Fr. Philip Thomas of the Diocese of CLifton.

From there we travelled by car via folkestone and Calais, France, Belgium and Germany to our final destination, Krakow in Poland.

Thanks to the kindess of one of the parishioners at the Polish Church we we able to make Krakow our base, staying in a nice appartment owned by them.

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