Friday, 24 February 2012


For the last few months the staff and children at our primary school of St Joseph and St Bede have hadt oput up with the noise of drills, hammers etc, combined with dust, dirt and general upheaval but the inconvenience of it all has been with it. 

This coming week the staff and children will be able to move into a newly built and furnished resource centre that has been created by knocking through a few classrooms that separated the hall from the rest of the school.  In addition to the the resource centre the junior building now has a bright, welcoming entrance area and office. I also hear on the grape vine that the staff are pleased with their newly refurbished staff room and meeting rooms.

This is a great development in the life of our primary school.  Phase Two of work is to begin this Monday.  Watch this space!!!

The New Resource Centre and Learning Zone

Comnputers in the ITC Suite

Another view of the Learning Zone
The revamped entrace area and office
(still needs decorating but this will be finished over the weekend)

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