Saturday, 18 February 2012


At this time of year, in the season of Lent, there is a greater emphasis on the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession).  Many people wonder what they havet osay when they come to confession. They think that as they have not committed any 'major sins' they have nothing to confess.  All sin is major as it is a turning against God's love.  It is a turning away from our dependence on Him and relying on our own efforts,  It is putting ourswelves and our own pleasures before the will of God.

People usually do not know what to say in Confession as they have failed to properly examine their conscience before approaching the preist.  As a way of helping in this matter I post the following Excaminatino of Conscience and pray that you will find it useful during this Lenten Season.


Have I ignored God or excluded Him from my life and works?
Have been loyal to the Teaching Authority of the Church and been willing to profess my faith in public as well as in private?
Is my daily prayer a real conversation with God in mind and heart?
Have I put my trust in superstitions or involved myself in the Occult or Satanism?
Have I a true reverence and love for the name of God or have I offended Him through blasphemy, cursing or perjury?
Did I miss Mass on Sunday or Holyday of Obligation through my own fault?
Did I fulfil my Easter duties?
Have made a dishonest Confession in the past?

Have I been disobedient, rude or disloyal to my parents or lawful superiors?
Have Inbeen harsh or overbearing to those under my authority?
Have I neglected my duty to provide a religious education for my children and to help them to know and love their faith?
Have I been impatient, angry, proud, jealous or hateful to others?
Did l get drunk, use drugs, give bad example or scandal?
Have I been involved in vandalism; driven recklessly or injured anyone?
Did in any way co-operate in an abortion?
Have I been lazy at my work, in study, or in the home?
Have I been immodest or impure by myself or with others?
Have I placed myself in occasions of sin, by reading, listening to, or looking at what was indecent, or pornographic?
Have failed to show love, understanding and respect to my marriage partner or been careless about my marriage vows?
Have I used forms of birth control forbidden by the Church?
Have I been guilty of cheating, theft, or gambling rashly?
Have I received stolen goods? Have I made restitution?
Do I give a full day’s work in return for a full day’s pay?
Do I pay a full day’s wage to those who work for me?
Have I told lies to injure anyone or excuse myself?
Have I been considerate, kind and generous to others in thought or deed?
Have I given way to self pity, brooded over injuries or refused to forgive?

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