Saturday, 2 June 2012


Once the scaffold had been erected the work of hanging the lamp could begin.  Firstly a length of steel chain was added to the original fixings in the beam. (The Sanctuary Lamp orginally hung from this beam before the 're-orderings of previous genrations).

Having got the steel chain in place the lamp could then be hung from it.  The balance weight incorporated into the lamp allows the lamp to be easily lowered and highered .

Once the lamp was hung we discovered a slight problem.  The length of the steel chain was too long and caused the lamp to hang too low odscuring the view of the altar. 

We then spent the next few hours or so making sure the chain was at the right length so that the lamp can be seen, but at the same time did not obscure the view of the altar and could be lowered to a convenient level for changing the candle.

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