Friday, 1 June 2012


The title of this post was inspired by a poem of the late Sir John Betjemen entitled 'A Lincolnshire Church'

And there on the South aisle altar
Is the tabernacle of God.
There where the white light flickers
By the white and silver veil,
A wafer dipped in a wine-drop
Is the Presence the angels hail,
Is God who created the Heavens
And the wide green marsh as well
Who sings in the sky with the skylark
Who calls in the evening bell.
Yesterday work began on hanging the Sanctuary Lamp to indicate and honour the 'Presence that the Angels hail'.  The first stage was to erect a scaffold.  I am indebited to the skill of Hayes and Finch for this and to the nerves of steel of the men who climbed the tower.

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