Tuesday, 24 July 2012

DZIĘKUJĘ BARDZO - Thank you very much

Father Alosza left the above note of thanks with me as I took him to the airport on Monday.  With my limited knowledge of Polish I have attempted a translation:

With heartfelt gratitude and may God reward you for the warmth
and generosity that you have shown us
May the good Lord reward you abundantly
for the efforts of grace, prayer and sacrifice.
With the assurance of my daily prayers for you before the Lord.

Fr. Alosza Micinski MIC

In addition to Father Alosza's thanks I would like to add my own thanks for the marvellous welcome that you gave Father Alosza, my brother at the weekend and for your kindness and generosity to him after his appeal.  I cannot thank you enough for such great kindness.  It is a generosity that I will never forget.  Just as Father Alosza assured us of his prayers in gratitude and thanksgiving for our help I too offer my prayers for all of you for your 'gifts of love' given to Fr. Alosza.  Thank you so much.

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