Wednesday, 19 September 2012


As you know over the last three years (due to an idea put in my head by the Vicar General) we have been replacing the crib figures at St Marie's. The figures come from the Monasteres de Bethlehem Shop in Lourdes.  This outlet sells items made by Benedictine Monks and Nuns throughout the world.  Here in this post is the latest additions to the Crib - the three Wise Men, the ox, donkey  and camel.  I think that now makes the new Crib complete. 

Many of you have made donations towards the cost of the new Crib and your names or the names of those in whose memory they have been donated is placed at the side of the Crib each year.  It is still possible to make a donation to the Crib and have your names or those of your dear ones added to the list.  Please see Fr. Francis for further details. 

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