Friday, 27 May 2016


On the Sunday morning Fr. Philp and I went to concelebrate at the 9:00am Mass in the local parish church in Rogów.  This Mass was offered for all the people of our parish - as is my privilege and duty to do each Sunday.  It was a lovely celebration and I was much encouraged by the devotion of the people.  A full to overflowing church of old people, teenagers, young families and children. 

Fr. Mateusz was to offer his First Mass at 11:00am in the church where he had been baptised and where his family attend each week.

The celebration began with in the family home where the Parish Priest blessed the vestments Mateusz was to wear and them vested as a priest Mateusz knelt to receive the blessing of his mother and father before beginning the procession to the church.  This simple yet moving ceremony in the family home reminded me that it is from the home and the family that good vocations come.

Fr Mateusz nephews gather at the family home  ready for the procession

They are joined by their fellow altar servers and First Communion Children


Priests, people and cameraman gather for the procession

And a brass band!!!

 At the end of Mass it is the tradition that the newly ordained gives his First Blessing to family and friends.  It is also customary to kiss the hands of the newly ordained as a sign that they are consecrated to God and it is those hands that will give us the Body and Blood of the Lord

Here are some of the pictures of the blessings.  In blessing me the blessing was extended to the whole of our parish, but Father Mateusz will be with us in July to celebrate Mass and to give us his blessing.

A blessing for priests

A blessing for priests

A blessing for his sister and niece

A blessing for his brother in law

A blessing for family members

Priest and servers prepare for the procession at the end of Mass

A blessing for seminarian and our future priests

Please Father, can I have one?!!!!

A car was provided to take Father Mateusz to the reception

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