Sunday, 23 August 2009


For a good number of years now the work of (re)translating the texts we use at Mass has been gathering pace. We are probably now entering the finally stages of that work and can finally look forward to a new translation of the Roman Missal that is more faithful to the orginal latin edition of the Missal. At last to quote eminient blogger Fr Zuhlsdorf we can find out WHAT THE PRAYER REALLY SAYS. Take a look at Father's excellent blog at:
When this translation has been authorised by the Holy See there will follow a period of catechesis (teaching) about the New Missal. The American Bishop's Conference are already leading the way in this regard and have produced an excellent website that will be of great us to all of us Bishops, Priests and Laity and we start to use the new texts.
if you wish to take a look at it the web address is below:

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