Monday, 31 August 2009


A number of our readers have been asking for some pictures of St Joseph's Church. Well here they are!!! I have only made one minor change to the sanctuary and that is to add what we have come to call the 'Benedictine Arrangement' of candles to the altar.

The candles have come from one of our neighbouring churches (St Mary and St Philip Neri in Radcliffe) that has sadly closed.


burseandveil said...

Very nice Fr! Thankyou for posting! Have you any more plans? Will you dress those lovely side altars and deculter the place?

Anonymous said...

I will miss Fr Morrow, and may he have a long and restful retirement, regarding St Marys and Philip Neri, whilst it has closed, Fr James has built an amazing new church in Radcliffe, and it is well worth a vist.

Fr. Francis Wadsworth said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for your comments. We will all miss Father Morrow as our Parish Priest and valued member of our deanery. His wisdom, wit and experience will be missed. Thank God Nazareth House is not a million miles away so that i can call on him for sage advice.

Yes Fr Manock has built a new church and I have visited it once for a brief visit. unfortunately I couln't attend the opening Vespers led by the Bishop due to the celebration of Confirmation at St Marie's. i must go back for a longer visit.