Wednesday, 6 April 2011



By the Grace of God and Favour of the Apostolic See
Bishop of Salford

Decree of Appointment
Parish Priest

Whereas, a parish is a community of the Christian faithful stably constituted in a particular church whose pastoral care is entrusted to a pastor under the authority of the diocesan bishop (Code of Canon Law, Canon 515 §1);

Whereas, a parish priest, in the parish entrusted to him, exercises pastoral care in the community committed to him by carrying out the functions of teaching, sanctifying, and governing, with the cooperation of other clergy and with the assistance of lay members of the Christian faithful, according to the norm of law (Canon 519);

Whereas the discipline of the Church expects that a presbyter be assigned as parish priest of every parish for the well-being of the faithful;

Whereas, by Episcopal decree, Prot. No. A02/2011, the Parish of St Marie and St Joseph, Bury was formed on 4t' day of March, 2011 by the amalgamation of the parishes of St Marie, Bury, and St Joseph, Bury;

By this decree, I appoint the Reverend Francis Wadsworth to be parish priest of St Marie and St Joseph, Bury, in the Diocese of Salford. He is to exercise this ministry in the spirit and customs of the diocese.

He is to take canonical possession of the parish by presenting this decree and making the profession of faith to the Rural Dean of Saint Therese of Lisieux Deanery, Reverend Father Paul Brindle within three months of the date of this decree.

He is required to make an accurate and clear inventory of all ecclesiastical goods owned by the parish; one copy is to be sent to the diocesan curia and the other is to remain in the parish archives; eventual changes in the inventory are to be indicated on both copies (Canon 1283).

Given at Salford, this 4" day of March, in the year of our Lord, twenty hundred and eleven.

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