Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Since the retirement of Fr. Morrow as parish priest of St Joseph's, Bury we have known that the parishes of St Marie and St Joseph would be amalgamated to form one new parish under the care of one parish priest. The official Decree of Amalgamaation was signed by the Bishop on the 4th March 2011.  The Decree was read out in the two churches of the parish that weekend.  Here is the text.

by the Grace of God and Favour of the Apostolic See
Bishop of Salford

Since the diminution of the number of priests, and the changing needs of the people of Bury, require a different arrangement of pastoral provision to that provided by the present number of parishes, and having taken note of the consultation amongst the parishioners and priests concerned, the proposal to amalgamate the parishes of St Marie, Bury, and St Joseph, Bury to form one new Parish, was put before the Council of Priests in their consultative role as required by Canon 515 §2.

Since the laity of the area can be best served by the amalgamation of St Marie, Bury, and St Joseph, Bury this pastoral solution is hereby decreed to be in force and effective as from the date below.

After appropriate consultation, the newly formed parish established by this decree is to be named the parish of ST MARIE AND ST JOSEPH, BURY the church of St Marie being the parish church. Notwithstanding the provisions of Canon 857 §2 the people of St Marie and St Joseph, Bury shall be permitted to celebrate baptism in the church of St Joseph, Bury, as the Parish Priest deems appropriate. The Parish Priest is reminded of his ability under Canon 118 §1 to permit marriages to take place in the church of St Joseph, Bury.

Consultations regarding parish boundaries having been concluded by the Boundaries Board, the attached schedules are hereby decreed to be in force as of this date.

NOTE: in accordance with Canon 121, the newly defined parish of St Marie and St Joseph, Bury acquires the patrimomial rights, goods, and liabilities of the erstwhile parishes of St Marie, Bury and St Joseph, Bury as from the date below.

Given this 4th day of March, 2011
Prot. No. A02/2011

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