Monday, 25 April 2011


The Easter Vigil is the Mother of All Vigils and each year a lot of preparation goes into making it a prayerful and joyful celebration. I would like to record my thanks to all who have helped to prepare the church for the Sacred Triduum. Thank you to all the ladies who share in the 'ministrty of the mop' and have been involved in the Big Clean.  The Church looked magnificent.  

In the picture we see that flowers have been placed by the Sacred Heart Statue. My thanks also to those involved in decorating the church with flowers, those who prepared the Easter Garden and the Cross.  Those who helped prepare the altar with the 'putting things out and taking them in again' 

I would also like to record my thanks to all our altar servers who came together for the Easter Ceremonies. Your contribution helped all who came to pray the ceremonies of Holy Week and that is the most important thing. My thanks to Michael, John Paul, Luke, Gregory, Philp, Sophia, Rosin, Hannah and Grace. 

Music also plays a big part in the ceremonies of Holy Week.  I would like to thank all those who contributed the the Liturgy by using their talents in musoic for the greater glory of God.  A number of people have commented on how lovely the music was this year.

Finally, all of this would be worthwhile if no one actually came to the services.  My thanks to those who came to pray the Ceremonies of Holy Week.  My prayer is tha you found them inspiring and that they have helped to deepen your own faith.

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