Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Having been on the road most of the day it was a welcome sight to see signs for Lourdes appearing on the road signs.  As evening began to fall we could both feel the excitment rise as we got nearer and nearer to the shrine of Our Lady. 

Every year going to Lourdes is special.  This trip was marking the beginning of my 26th visit to Lourdes, but once again that feeling of 'going home' began to rise - an the thoughts of meeting up with friends who had also arrived early for our diocesan pilgrimage.

Having checked into our hotel we headed out to the usual haunt of the Salford Pilgrims - the Miam Miam.  (Its actual name now is the New Orleans - but to thousands of Salford Pilgrms it will always be the Miam Miam).

Travelling takes its toll - and so two tired, but bone fide travellers sat down among friends to enjoy a steak bleu and a bottle of Madaran.  The pilgrimage had begun!!!

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