Sunday, 17 February 2013


There is one word that strikes fear into the heart of every teacher and that is OFSTED or in the words of Gervaise Phinn 'the off egg inspection.'

Every school legally has to be inspected ot make sure that the standards of teaching, the quality of the pupils learning and the pastoral care of the children are up to standard.

Recently one of our parish primary schools had such an inspection.  I am delighted to say that the overall outcome of the inspection was good.  I am delighted for the headteacher and her dedicated staff at this result.  The school has improved in leaps and bounds since the last inspection.  This shows itself not only in the results of the pupils but also in the quality of teaching and leadership of the school.  I am proud to be the Parish Priest of such a good school.  We can all be proud of the achievements of all the schools and education establishments in our parish.  Well done to you all for the ministry that you undertake in the name of the Church.

I am confident that the next inspection will deem us to be OUTSTANDING!!!

Here below are the summary comments of the report.  The full report will be  publsihed at  A copy of the report will be sent to all parents of the school on Monday (18th February 2013).

This is a good school.

 This is a caring school where all groups of pupils achieve well because teaching is good and sometimes outstanding.

 Teaching is well planned. Lessons are interesting with a wide variety of learning activities.

 The school has improved considerably since the previous inspection due to the headteacher’s strong leadership.

 Leadership and management, including that of the governors, are good and managers at all levels work well together and regularly check how well pupils are learning and being taught.

 Good quality spiritual, moral, and cultural development provides pupils with a rich variety of learning experiences and as a result, they behave well and are polite, helpful and reflective.

 Pupils make good progress as they move through the school and consistently achieve above average standards in mathematics and English at the end of Year 6.

 Children who enter the Early Years Foundation Stage receive a good start to their education, as a result of the stimulating teaching and high levels of care they receive.

 Pupils feel very safe and secure and enjoy coming to school, with the result that they attend regularly.


Anonymous said...

Good news Father, but which school is it ?

Fr. Francis Wadsworth said...

Sorry. In my joy I forgot to say that it was St Joseph and St Bede's school.