Saturday, 2 February 2013


After a long gap away from blogging i thought it was time for a little update. 

Between Christmas and New Year I was host to a seminarian and a Religious Brother from America.  We got to know erach other through a mutual friend, Fr Sean Riley. 

Philip, after serving three years as a Naval Officer was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer.  He is now a seminarian preparing for ordination to the priesthood.  You can read more about him on his blog

Fra David is a Mercedarian Friar who will soon be ordained Deacon.  You can read more about the Mercedarians here

Having left the US on 27th December their travels took them to In a tour of these Isles that took them to Hampton Hill, London, Farnborough Abbey, Wales, Bury and Scotland.  Rumour has it they only came to Bury to see the world famous market and enjoy some black pudding!

Please keep them both in your prayers and they continue in the Lord's service.  I look forward to the day when they come back here to offer Mass for us.

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