Monday, 2 June 2014


One of the primary schools in our parish is dedicated to St Joseph and St Bede.  Traditionally the children have celebrate Mass in church to honour St Joseph, but we did very little to honour our other patron St Bede.
So a couple of years ago be started a tradition of having a 'fun day' around the feast of St Bede.  It is a day when the traditional forms of learning in school are laid aside so that the children can have different learning experiences.
The children spent the day engaged in many activities including flower arranging, baking, orienteering and first aid.  Governors, parishioners, teachers and pupils came together to make it a very enjoyable day.
As part of the day I was able to focus on the life of St Bede and the lead groups of children in the art of Christian Meditation.   
A great day was enjoyed by all. I am only sorry that we didn't do the Mr Lloyd Memorial Walk around the woods this year!!!
The children enjoyed a range of activities

A selection of bookmarks

For the First Aid activity the children had to first make their 'wounds'

The children also made crosses and decorated them with beads

An selection of the children's work


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