Tuesday, 16 September 2014


Our Lady told Bernadette to 'ask the people to come in procession.'  At Lourdes this request is fulfilled on a daily basis with the evening Marian Procession and the Procession of the Blessed Sacrament in the late afternoon.
People from all around the world gather to walk with the Lord present in the Blessed Sacrament and then to spend some time in silent adoration in the Underground Basilica. The procession concludes with the Blessed Sacrament being carried amongst those who are sick and Benediction given.  It is interesting to note that the vast majority of healings and miracles that have occurred in Lourdes have done so at the Blessed Sacrament Procession. 
The central theme of Lourdes is always that fact that leads us to Her Son.  The banner bearing Her imagine is carried at the front of the Blessed Sacrament Procession, but it is Her Divine Son that She wishes us to meet in the Blessed Sacrament Procession that is led into the underground basilica by the People of God and the Priests.

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