Tuesday, 16 September 2014


After the pilgrimage to Lourdes had finished I spent any extra day there before beginning my holidays. 
As many of you will know there is a lovely shop in Lourdes called the Monastere de Bethlehem which specialises in selling monastic products made throughout France and beyond.  My own parishioners and readers of this blog with know that this is where the crib figures at St Marie's came from.
On my last day in Lourdes I went with our Vicar General, Mgr Anthony Kay and Father Paul Daly to visit the actual Monastere de Bethlehem. 
The monastery is situated about twenty minutes drive outside of Lourdes and is practically in the middle of no where. 
Monsignor was a little worried that the Sat Nav was directing us up a long winding road that seemed to stop in the middle of a field.  Our perseverance was rewarded for there in the middle of the field was the monastery - a true oasis of prayer.
We were able to visit the chapel of the Sisters and to speak with them about the possibility of selling the monastic products in our own Cathedral Bookshop.  Watch this space.

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