Tuesday, 16 September 2014


The High Altar
Bordeaux Cathedral
My holidays began officially on the Saturday morning.  After a lie in and a typical French petit dejeuner I made my way to Lourdes station to take the train to Bordeaux.  The train journey through the French countryside was nice and relaxing especially after the hard, but very rewarding work of the pilgrimage.
Having arrived at my hotel and unpacked the first thing to do was to find the Cathedral and to find out what time Mass was on Sunday.  I arrived just in time for the start of the Saturday Vigil Mass so did what I am not usually allowed to do - Sit at the back of church and say my prayers!!!

The lecturn from where I proclaimed
the Gospel in French
Every Sunday a Parish Priest has the duty to offer Mass Pro Populo  - for the people of his parish.  As I was on holiday I decided that I would concelebrate at the evening Mass on Sunday. 

Having shown my celebret to the sacristan I was graciously welcomed by the priests of the Cathedral.  Mass was duly offered.  Then as we came baxk to the sacristy I realised that parish life is parish life no matter where it might be.  A lady camr into the sacristy to remonstrate with Father that he had not read out a certain Mass Intention in the notices.  Another person came in to complain that there was no holy water at the back of the church.

The priest turned to me and sighed saying 'chez vous, mon Pere, vous avez vos problemes et ici j'ai la mienne.'  In your place Father you have your problems and here I have mine!!!

I let Father deal with the good lady and her Mass Intention and I went to bless holy water at the back of the church.  From there I went for a small steak bleu and a glass of the local fermented grape juice.

The statue of Notre Dame de la Nef

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