Friday, 22 January 2016


For a long time we have been plagued with damp in the tower and choir loft at St Marie's.  When I first reported the problem to the diocese I was informed that we need to 'keep our eye on it.'  This we have been doing for a long time now and over the passage of time we have seen it get worse.
It has now come to the stage where 'keeping our eye on it' is not a viable option and work needs to be undertaken urgently.  Several parishioners have written and phoned the diocese to express their concerns.  I am grateful to them not only for helping me get some movement on this issue but also for their patience in emptying buckets and trying to make the place look presentable for Sunday Mass, Funerals and Baptisms.
It now finally it appears something is being done. 
I post a few photos so that you can see the extent of the damaged caused because work was not undertaken before now.


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