Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Each parish and school of the diocese is allocated a day to pray for and foster vocations to the Priesthood and the Religious. I was asked if I would play at part in this at our primary school - St joseph and St Bede. This I was more than happy to do and prepared something that we actually spread over two days so that the majority of pupils could be involved.

In the infant department I talked to the children about some of the many different things a priest is asked to do. To help the children focus on the different aspects of a prest's work i used a power point presentation with photographs taken from different ascpects of my ministry and from the different parishes in which I have served.
As a fun activity in the afternoon we talked about the different vestments that a priest wears for Mass and then the children made their own models of a priest and coloured in vestments to dress him.

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