Saturday, 7 January 2017


Of your charity pray for the happy repose of the soul of Rev'd Dr Una Kroll 
who died on Friday 6th January 2017 - Feast of the Epiphany.

Una was born in England but raised in Paris, Latvia, London and in suburban colonies of Russian emigrees, so grew up speaking three languages fluently.  Her mother, left as a single parent when Una was only two years old, had, like most girls of her age and class, little useful education and was determined that Una be well educated.  Una was to later go off to Cambridge and read medicine and and qualify as a doctor.

Una was well known as a campaigner for the ordination of women within the Church of England.   Her famous outcry at General Synod 'You gave us stones when we asked for bread' has been much quoted on both sides of the River Tiber.

Since her reception into full communion with the Catholic Church Una has worked tirelessly for the rights of women both within and outside the church.  She has been a great support and friend to many in our parish, relying on her experiences of ministry in the Anglican Communion to help them as a confidant and spiritual director.     

It will not come as a surprise to those who knew Una and know me that we had very different views about most things - both theological and otherwise.  This Una acknowledged in a lovely way in one of her last emails.  

In talking of her funeral and myself she wrote 'I have also asked him [Fr Francis] to come to the funeral, if he can, so as to be there as a representative of my beloved Catholic Church if possible.  He is a special person in my life as he holds very different views from myself as an ex Anglican priest now a Catholic but we have great mutual respect and are reconciled to one another's differences in God's Love where we find a unity, a unity that is not presently possible on earth.  I once lost my internet connection altogether recently and commented that:  'there is no wi-fi in heaven' and 'I cannot imagine there is disunity in heaven either' so maybe we will end up united in the Heart of Love. So, if he does manage to come please welcome him warmly and if he cannot I know he will pray for my soul'. 

Una will be sadly missed by all who knew her as a friend, parishioner and confidante.  I will indeed pray for the repose of her soul and pray that one day we will be re-united in the Heart of Love.  May she rest in peace and rise in glory


Elaine D said...

Thank you Father Francis. I know Una loved you greatly in God. Her love came from the Sacred Heart of Jesus, I am sure. She had been dedicated to that Heart all her life. Elaine Dando

Elaine D said...

Thank you Father Francis. Una loved youna great deal. Her dwelling within the Sacred Heart of Jesus began when she was much, much younger. It was that Love which flowed into others.