Monday, 7 April 2014


A few brief thoughts on today's Gospel
As I read the Gospel at Mass today (The woman caught in adultery)  I was struck as to how this passage is often quoted by those who feel that Church teaching on marriage and divorce and relationships is old fashioned and needs to be revised so as to be 'living in the modern world.'
Yes it is true that a woman who was caught 'in the very act of adultery' was brought to Jesus.  As we would expect Jesus receives her kindly and listens to her story.  For many this is where the story ends.  They mistake Our Lord's kindly welcome as a sort of permission to do whatever they like. 
The real challenge given to the woman and to us is given in Our Lord's admonition at the end of the passage.  'Go in peace and do not sin again.' 
That is the challenge of Lent - to turn away from our sins - to put ourselves once again on that path of virtue that will one day lead us to heaven.  It is no good going to confession and saying that we are sorry for our sins if we do not intend to do something about it.
Lent is a time for us to contemplate that nasty word that no one likes - change.  We are called to change our lives and our behaviour so that we can become all that God is calling us to be - saints.
Let us pray for each other that through our prayer, fasting and charitable works we can overcome our sinful ways and walk together the path of virtue to heaven.

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