Tuesday, 22 April 2014


The Liturgy of Holy Saturday Night is one of the most beautiful of the whole year. 
The Fire is light outside the church and from it the Paschal Candle is light and processed into the dark church.  The faithful light their own candles from its flame.
The deacon (or in the absence of a deacon) the priest solemnly intones the Praises of the Risen Christ and the Paschal Candle in the words of the Exsultet. 
Readings are then proclaimed stating how God has saved His people throughout history.  It is important to note that these readings are read in the light that comes from the Paschal Candle - the Risen Christ.
Easter is also traditionally the time that new converts are welcomed into the church.  The Easter candle is plunged into the font to sanctify its waters.  This water will then be used in the coming year for the celebration of baptisms when we welcome new members into the Church.
Having two churches has its own problems. At the end of Mass the Paschal Candle for St Marie's Church was solemnly carried out of St Joseph's so that it could be welcomed and solemnly carried into our Parish Church on Easter Day.
The Blessing of the Font

The Paschal Candle for our Parish Church
 taken at the end of Mass

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