Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Tomorrow I will be involved at site meetings at both churches for the building and electrical work that has to be carried out in both our churches.
Extensive building work has to be carried out at St Joseph's Church.  It involves work on the main roof area of the church and over the confessionals.  Re-plastering and decoration will take place in the sanctuary area, nave and choir loft. 
The cost of the building work at St Joseph's will be £48,969.00 that means with VAT the total cost will be £58,762.80
At St Marie's the church needs to be completely re-wired so that it complies with the latest legislation and a certificate can be awarded.
The total cost of the work at St Marie's will be £17,164.80
Obviously there will be some disruption whilst the work is going on.  Please be patient and sensible about it all.  The work has to be done so that our buildings will be fit for purpose in the future. 
If any one has any fundraising ideas then please bring them forward.

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